Charity Project Patterns

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Seatbelt Pads

Seatbelt Pads (donated to Dress for Recovery, Merrick)
Seatbelt Pads are attached to car seat belts.  For people who have a medical port for chemotherapy, a car seatbelt pad relieves pressure and avoids possible irritation around the port.

Click here for the Seatbelt Pad pattern.  Pattern makes 3.
Hint:  More batting is better.




2022 Charity Night Quilt Change Up Patchwork Quilt, by Nancy Zieman
(With thanks to Karen G for the graphics)

Quilt top measures 36 1/2″ square.


Pet Beds (for Last Hope Animal Shelter, Wantagh)

Instant Charm

Orphan Block

One Block

Kennel Quilt for Larger Dogs