Kellie Willey

You can’t believe everything you hear. For years we have
heard that making a miniature quilt is harder that making a large quilt! This is simply not true and Kellie enjoys busting this myth. She believes that learning how to create a small-scale quilt can be FAST, FUN and REWARDING! Enjoy hearing how to quickly and accurately make a miniature quilt from a person who is not afraid to go tiny and loves to share that passion!

Kellie feels fortunate that she can share her craft with so many other people. There is always something new and exciting to learn in quilting and she can’t imagine ever running out of ideas for all the little quilts she wants to make. Kellie enjoys finishing lots of quilts every month instead of working for months on a large quilt. She enjoys taking large traditional patterns and miniaturizing them using various methods.

During her virtual lecture and workshop, you will hear tips and techniques that will take the fear out of miniature quilting. You will also get a front row view (from your computer) of her little quilts up close. Kellie encourages quilters to enjoy the process and get comfortable with scaling down their work. Her philosophy is “You already know how to cut, piece and sew and it’s easy to make it smaller once you know the tricks.” Kellie’s teaching style is fun and relaxed. During her workshops, most students leave with a finished quilt top!

Kellie recently started producing her own line of miniature quilt patterns. Please visit her website to see more of her work at and follow her on Facebook at Kellie Willey’s Little Quilts.

Kellie will be offering a workshop on Saturday March 6th, 9 am-3 pm. The cost of the workshop is $40 and registration will be directly through Kellie’s website. She will give you the registration information during her lecture on Thursday. I have also included the supply list for this workshop. Don’t have time to run out and purchase new fabric. Then make this quilt a “stash buster”. Use whatever you have in your stash for your light and your contrasting dark fabric. The focus fabric can be from your stash too. It might not be the right focus fabric but you will be learning the techniques involved with making miniature quilts. Quilting is a journey for us to enjoy!