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INSPIRATIONS:   JUNE, 2022  by Barbara H.

First, let me offer a word of “thanks” to Liz Dragone, for her inspiration this month. When she proposed participation in the “Light” exhibit, it met a warm welcome at ESQ board. A few days later I just happened to see  fabric that said  “Here I am, waiting to be in that quilt about light” and I brought it home. The wheels in my head are turning, the pencil is scribbling, while I pull fabric from boxes all over the basement. Not sure what the result will be…but Liz, here’s my commitment!  You too can jump in and join. Email: joelizbcsc@aol.com preferably before June 1.

Lumberyards, garden shops, hardware stores, repair shops and warehouses of all kinds have always fascinated me. Now I’m following this on YouTube. I thought I knew a bit about the marketing and manufacturing of quilting fabric, but discovered one more essential step when Sew Yeah visited the Michael Miller warehouse. How do those bolts get wrapped? Watch this clip. Michael Miller Fabrics Warehouse Tour | Bolts, Bundles and Fabric Galore! – YouTube (P.S. And who is Michael Miller?)

Many of you were at the Harvest of Quilts show the year Scott Fortunoff (president of Jaftex) visited in person and/or when he came back to share ideas and fabric at a monthly meeting. I follow his blog, which does such a great job of promoting the industry that feeds our beloved hobby. We both share a love of quilting in fashion: Quilting Continues To “Blanket” Fashions – Welcome Fabric Fans! (scottfortunoff.com) And, no, I did not send an entry, but wouldn’t this be a fun challenge in our guild’s future?

“The Tender Art of ‘Visible Mending’” on Hyperallergic gave me pause. Growing up, things were always repaired or shared with a new owner who had use for the item. Passe in recent years, this sensibility is returning. Not only do garments need care, but so do our often fragile selves. The Tender Art of “Visible Mending” (hyperallergic.com)

Opening June 1 at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology “Dior + Balenciaga: The Kings of Couture and Their Legacies” approximately 65 ensembles and garments from the FIT collection, the first time these two giants of 20th century design have been exhibited in parallel. Dior + Balenciaga: The Kings of Couture and Their Legacies (fitnyc.edu)  The Graduation exhibit will be visible around the campus through May 29th. (FIT is always free.)

Katonah Museum of Art has several intriguing exhibits. Jeila Gueramian: Let’s Step Inside closes June 26. Interactive, family friendly, the artist creates a magical environment with amusing handmade creatures made of recycled materials. Go play! Jeila Gueramian: Let’s Step Inside · Katonah Museum of Art Also intriguing exhibits. The Hass Brothers exhibit, ending same day, may also pique your curiosity. Constant Carnival: The Haas Brothers in Context · Katonah Museum of Art

“Faith Ringold” at the New Museum, “Garmenting” at the Museum of Arts and Design, and “Multitudes” at American Folk Art Museum are continuing. “Black Dolls” at NY Historical ends June 5th.

(Please remember to check institutions for dates, hours, and/or reservations before you go.)

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the men in our lives, fathers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, bils, and dear friends who fulfill fathering roles at different points in our lives. Double happy to those who hang our quilts!   



Quilters gather in Paducah as I write. Bravos to Joanne Sorrentino juried in with her wonderful applique. Cannot wait to hear/see what the members attending Paducah bring back to share with us.

Garmenting at the Museum of Arts and Design was covered by NYC-ARTS on PBS. Episode link at NYC-ARTS Full Episode: April 21, 2022 | NYC-ARTS | THIRTEEN – New York Public Media

WARP (Weave a Real Piece) sponsors Continuing Textile Traditions: Ukraine a relief fundraiser open to all. Learn about Ukrainian weaving traditions from practitioners across the globe. Please offer a gift when you watch. April 30, 1:00 pm via Zoom. More details: Weave a Real Peace – Special WARP Program | Continuing Textile Traditions: Ukraine (wildapricot.org)

Are you still longing to participate in Quilting by the Lake? Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center is offering a week long workshop, online, with Rosalie Dace, Looking In, Looking Out from July 25-29, 2022. See Looking in and Looking Out with Rosalie Dace – Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center (schweinfurthartcenter.org)

Quiltside Chats: American Quilt Study Group provides good listening when  working at home. Worth adding to a quilter’s YouTube feed. American Quilt Study Group – YouTube Current month explores an 1846 album quilt made in Philadelphia. Enjoy!

Karen Eckmeier, beloved for her Accidental Landscapes, and Happy Villages, has a fun block on YouTube. It’s called Rose Twirl. New patterns and book on her website. Home Page (quilted-lizard.com)

Natalya Khorover celebrates the beauty of flowers in Bellizze da Spazzatura: Repurposed Mixed Media Stitched on Canvas at the Oak & Oil Gallery in Katonah. Through May 15. She is known for her reconfiguring of single-use plastic and other discarded materials. She will teach a 2 hour workshop on May 7t. Exhibit at  Art Gallery | Oak&Oil Gallery | United States (oakandoil.com) Make a leisurely visit  her website to learn more about artistic repurposing and how she markets her work.  art by natalya

Auspicious Dreams: Tribal Blankets from Southern China is at the Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University. Open through May 31. Current Exhibitions On View | Charles B. Wang Center (stonybrook.edu)

Marilyn Henrion’s Mannahatta had all too short an exhibit at Noho M55 Gallery this season. Fortunately, it has been transferred to her website MARILYN HENRION   Her new series of linen collages can be seen at Impressions — MARILYN HENRION

Looking forward to seeing everyone (and their work) at our own Emergence exhibit at Hillside Public Library (New Hyde Park) beginning this Saturday. Congratulations and thanks to Karen Gulotta who has gone above and beyond to bring this ESQ event to the public.

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to Moms, Grandmas, Stepmoms, and women everywhere who have fulfilled aspects of the mothering role…we owe them!  Barbara