President’s Message

Dear Members,

I’m enjoying this lovely early summer weather and my thoughts are about spending more time outdoors.  I’ve had some inquiries about having an outdoor meet-up at Eisenhower Park over the summer as we did last summer.  My answer is Absolutely!   I’ll be sending an email about that soon.  Are you interested in having more Sit-n-Sew meetings?  Let me know.

So much has been going on this month – and all of it good!  After a final tally, during the past membership year, the guild donated 200 quilts and blankets!  That doesn’t include pet beds and seatbelt pillows made for our charity night. Wow! Congratulations to all who donated, and thank you Jane Hartigan for finding them all good homes.  More good things! Don’t miss the article and pictures about our donations to Brandywine Assisted Living, Last Chance Animal Shelter and Dress for Recovery!  Thank you to Jane, Cathy Peterson and Mary Schuellein for bringing them to their new homes. It is heartwarming to see the impact our quilts have on those who receive them.  If you are looking for a specific pattern for these ongoing donations, click the blue button on the Service page of our website

Thank you to the members who have renewed their membership. Congratulations to Susan Praga who was the winner of one-year free membership for renewing before June 1st. As of this writing, we have 59 members. If you haven’t yet renewed, don’t miss out!  Send your membership renewal in right away so you’ll get the invitation to our upcoming general meeting with Karen Brown on July 7th.  Payment can be made online or by sending in your payment with the membership application at the end of the newsletter. 

More good things! Eleanor Reilly is starting a new focus group, Barbara Hull shares marvelous links in her Inspiration article and we are all working on our quilts for the Show.  Wishing you all a happy Independence Day and all good things. 

                                                                                                                          Happy quilting,
                                                                                                                                          Maureen Mitchell