President’s Message

Hi Everyone and Happy Fall,

We’re fast approaching our Harvest of Quilts show so I just have a few items to remind you about:

If you haven’t turned in your raffle booklets, please bring them to the October meeting – selling two books gives you free entry to the show.

Don’t forget to add your 4” sleeve to your quilt.

If you haven’t signed up to help at the show, please contact me or I’ll be hounding you. Part of membership is that you give at least 2 hours of work, so please be generous with your time if at all possible.

If you are making a basket for the show or donating items to baskets, please bring them to the October meeting. Finished baskets can also be brought on Thursday or Friday.

Please bring your Presidents’ Challenge to the October meeting. We don’t want to know who submits which quilt for the Fall Challenge. so please cover your label with blue painter’s tape. I’ll have some with me just in case you need it. The entries will be judged by Pat and myself so you have two chances to get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd . I’m hoping we get lots of entries!!!

Just a reminder, quilts have to be dropped off at the Community Center Thursday morning between 8-10. For the members who work or babysit, please contact another member or myself to arrange getting your quilts.

AGAIN, thanks to all who raided their stashes and entered extra quilts. I’m looking forward to the show and the showcase of all of our members work!

This month we welcome a wonderful quilter/teacher, Terry Young. I’ve taken 2 3-day workshops with her and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming her to our guild. She, along with her partner, Tara (currently living in Germany), have a fresh approach to quilting using cotton/wool/silk ribbon and embroidery in their work.

The first two weeks of October are super busy so – Ready, Set, GO !!!

Sue Acevedo