President’s Message

Dear Members,

What a month it’s been! Our Harvest of Quilts show was a resounding success, and I feel such gratitude to all the people who made that possible. My sincerest thanks to Cathy Peterson who took the helm as our show chairperson. 

We had a lot of people who, like me, had never been involved in the planning of a show. They jumped in with both feet and did a wonderful job. We had many show veterans who generously shared their talent and expertise. They knew how much work is involved in a show, and they jumped in anyway.

We had family members involved too! Special thanks go to Jo-Ann DiMarco’s family for getting all the heavy bases, poles, curtains, and all the needed materials to and from storage, and to Donald Schuellein and Steve Dauz for their superhuman patience and strength in getting the poles set up safely and the curtains and quilts hung with great care.

Finally, the quilts – they were outstanding! What a wonderful presentation of color, creativity and talent. Wow!  The comment I heard the most from visitors was “These quilts were all made by your own members?!”  I just had to share that with you.

So many people were involved who organized or assisted, many were even on multiple committees. Whether you helped in the planning, at the show, entered a quilt (or three), or all those things, you are responsible for a polished and professional show. I’m so proud of all of you and our guild. Thank you all!

Wishing you peace, hope and joy this holiday season.

                                                                    Happy quilting!

                                                                                           Maureen Mitchell