Comfort Quilts

Comfort quilts are donated by the Evening Star Quilters. They are hand-made by dedicated members who strive to make a difference in their community. The members of this guild donate their skills, time, and resources to provide a modest gift to anyone in need of that special “touch of kindness.” They are caring people, each with a special talent, who make these quilts by hand, always considering the impact these quilts will have on the lives of the recipients.

ESQ has donated quilts to:


  • Ronald McDonald House, New Hyde Park, NY
  • St. John’s Bread & Life, Bedford Stuyvesant , Brooklyn, NY
  • Lexibean Foundation, Plainview, NY
  • Children’s Hospital, Westchester, NY


  • Baby Shower for Lutheran Family & Community Services
  • Drainage Pockets for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Puppy Beds from fabric scraps for the Animal Lovers League, Glen Cove, NY
  • Pillow and totes for Breast Cancer Survivors

Community Outreach

The Arbors Quilt Club

ESQ Arbors Community Outreach Mission:

  • teach quilting techniques to residents at Arbors Assisted Living at Westbury, NY.
  • establish a consistent quilt club meeting to promote learning.
  • design and prepare projects to facilitate residents wish to do charitable works.
  • set attainable goals that highlight productivity of residents.

Benefits to The Arbors’ Community:

  • provide residents with a social circle based on a common interest.
  • promote commradery among residents that extend beyond quilt club meetings.
  • entertain non-participating residents by showing the clubs completed quilts.

The Arbors Quilt Club has donated to:

  • Leukemia Society
  • Hope for NY
  • Alzheimer Foundation of America (AFA) “Quilt To Remember”

What ESQ Volunteers say:

  • “I love to hear the stories about the sewing they did years ago.”
  • “It’s heartwarming to see how excited they are to see us each week. They are
    motivated and that motivates us.”
  • “They love donating their work to charity. They enjoy a sense of purpose.”