Comfort Quilts

Comfort quilts are donated by the Evening Star Quilters. They are hand-made by dedicated members who strive to make a difference in their community. The members of this guild donate their skills, time and resources to provide a modest gift to anyone in need of that special “touch of kindness.” They are caring people, each with a special talent, who make these quilts always considering the impact these quilts will have on the lives of the recipients.  Once a year a night is devoted to making comfort quilts.

Comfort quilts made by ESQ members have been enthusiastically received by the following  local organizations:


  • Ronald McDonald House, New Hyde Park, NY
  • St. John’s Bread & Life, Bedford Stuyvesant , Brooklyn, NY
  • Lexibean Foundation, Plainview, NY
  • Children’s Hospital, Whitestone, NY

Ronald McDonald House is always thrilled by the beauty of our quilts.  We have recently also reached out to Life Center of Long Island who have advised us that they would love to receive some quilts.  If you are aware of any other organizations we can assist, please let us know.